Business Process Consulting

Every organisation knows there are processes that are fragmented, outdated, redundant or just no longer needed but very few organisations have the resources or the time to undertake what they know they need – process improvement!


We at Akiko take the fear and pain out of process improvement. Our consulting is practical, doable and results driven. Our approach is focused on using the tools that are appropriate for your business, your budget and your time line. At Akiko, we:

  • Identify and determine tangible opportunities to achieve operational excellence
  • Deliver solutions that will help you to reach your desired business goals
  • Work collaboratively with you to understand your key business challenges
  • Evaluate the potential options for action
  • Create a detailed plan of improvement
  • Support you through execution
  • Mentor and coach your staff in this journey

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Akiko's Mission Statement: To be the global leader in developing and delivering solutions that increase the efficiency of business processes for our corporate customers.

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